facebook undervalued options strategy

Facebook Stock Undervalued? Trade FB Like This for Best Returns

Can you imagine how profitable Facebook is?

Do you know FB is severely undervalued right now?

SlashTraders will show you how to maximise investment returns with options after FB stock has bottomed out.

Why Invest In Facebook Stocks?

Facebook is the world's biggest social media platform, with more than 2.8 billion monthly active users. Together with Google, Facebook is one of the top 2 advertising platforms in the world.

Facebook's advertising revenue has been growing steadily since 2009, and it reached nearly $84.2 billion in 2020. Facebook is a money-making machine.

Facebook ad revenue has been steadily increasing.

What Is the Fair Value of Facebook Stock?

TD Ameritrade's Analyze Fundamentals tab provides the quickest way to find the fair value of FB, by checking the Trefis estimate.

Facebook's fair value is 23% higher than the current market value of $260.

FB trefis估價
Facebook's fair value is 23% higher than the current market value of $260.

Take a closer look at Trefis' analysis of FB, we can see 94.3% of Facebook's value is from ad revenue. Given the Gross Margin of advertising is 86.7%, we can see Facebook is tremendously profitable.

Facebook's Gross Margin is extremely high at 86.7%.

So Facebook and other FAANG stocks like, Apple, Google, Netflix, Amazon, have outstanding competitive edge and are the corner stones of S&P 500 index.

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How to Use Options to Leverage a High Return on FB

While Facebook's stock price has been heavily undervalued by 23%, it is still a very profitable company with more than 86% Gross Margin. We believe FB's stock price will continue to go up and up in the future.

Facebook stock price has recently dropped to close to 200-day Moving Average. From last year's price trends, FB stock always rebounded before crossing the 200-day MA, so there is a high probability FB will go up again.

facebook stock rebound from MA
FB stock price would either rebound at 100 or 200 day moving averages.

If we buy Facebook stocks to anticipate the price to rise, we and expect 23% return according to Trefis.

A good way to increase leverage is to trade options instead. We can buy a Call option close to the current market price, and receive a huge profit when the stock price go past the strike price.

Since FB is $260 right now, we can buy a Call at $265, and sell a 255/260 Put Spread to reduce the cost of the long Call.

long call and short put spread
Buy a Call while selling a Put Spread to reduce the cost of the Call option for Facebook.

This trade would cost us $560.

Trading Facebook Options in TD Ameritrade

In the Trade tab, we browse to the FB options that expire next month.

  • Left-click at $265 Call
  • Then left-click + Ctrl to select $260 and $255 Puts
  • Change Qty to 1
  • Change $260 Put to SELL, the other 2 options to BUY

step by step trade td ameritrade
Trade Facebook options in TD Ameritrade.

Then we can right-click Analyse this trade.

return on capital of FB options trade
Use Analyse and Risk Profile tabs to analyse the Return on Capital of the options trade.

We can tell from the analysis that:

  • Cost of the trade is $568
  • Maximum loss is $1068
  • The trade's breakeven price is $270
  • If FB rises to the fair value of $320, the value of our options will rise to $4900, which is 770% Return on Capital

If we compare the differences between trading stocks and options, when the undervalued Facebook stock rises to $320, there is potential for only 23% profit.

StrategiesMarket directionCost of tradeMaximum return
StocksRise to $320$26123%
Sell Put Spread + buy CallRise to $320$568770%

Even though the minimum cost of trading options is double the stocks, but we can achieve 770% return when the stock rises to $320.

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