(AAPL) Apple Stock Price, Trends, and Trade Tips

Why Do You Want to Invest in Apple Stocks?

Let's face it, so many people own iPhones now that there's no question which is the top-selling flagship smartphone brand.

The market share of iPhones and Apple products and the association of Apple products with celebrities and influencers are huge competitive advantages, or the moat, of Apple that other competitors struggle to compete with.

Apple has as wide and as deep a castle moat as other FAANG stocks, such as Facebook, Google, Netflix and Amazon.

apple competitive advantage
The popularity of iPhones and the Apple brand make Apple extremely competitive.

In short, Apple is a healthy and profitable company that has very low risk of bankrupcy, and Apple's market capitalisation shall continue to increase in value in the near future. Similar to TSMC and S&P 500 index ETF, SPY, AAPL is a great stock to invest in long term.

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