Shortcut to Profitable Options Trading

Complete Set of Options Scanners to Speed up the Learning Curve, and Find High Probability Trades in Seconds

SlashTraders Advantages


Unique Options Screeners Designed for Success

Proprietary search algorithms to find the most profitable options trades with the highest chances for success

Analyse Trades With High Chance of Success

Use cloud data to analyse the best time to enter the trades for the highest returns and highest chances of success


Complete Transparency in Our Trade Positions

Every trade is open to members, so you can analyse the profitability of each trade and speed up the path to successful options trading

Create Consistent Passive Income

Highly diversified trades with repeatable trading processes to minimise impact from market fluctuations and create a steady income stream


Provide real-time trade alerts from a live account to help you learn SlashTraders' unique trading system, and find high probability trades in seconds

Exclusive Tips on Creating Passive Income Every Month

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Receive Exclusive Trade Tips

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Receive Exclusive Trade Tips
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