(NFLX) Netflix Stock Price, Trends, and Trade Tips

Why Trade Netflix Stocks?

When Netflix comes to mind, you would be reminded of the endless drama series, animations, cartoons and my favourite, comedies. Whenever I'm alone in the house, I can go for hours watching Netflix original series and classic comedy series.

Netflix was founded in 1999 and started with a paid subscription service for rental DVDs, which later transitioned to the leading online streaming platform. The number of Netflix paid subscribers has been in an explosive growth since the beginning.

Half of Netflix's paid subscribers locate in the US, while the other half are spread across the world, demonstrating a strong global presence.

The number of Netflix paid subscribers has experienced an explosive growth.

Netflix's market capitalisation has surpassed $200 billion, which makes it the biggest media entertainment company in the world. It is an outstanding member of S&P 500 and FAANG stocks, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google.

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