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Hi fellow SlashTraders,

There are virtually a myriad of websites and internet services around trading and investing in the stock market, and you might wonder what makes SlashTraders different.

What we are not about:

  • Looking for the needle in the haystack – unusual options volume screening, sweeps, block trades, order flows, 0DTE options trading, max pain trading, Elliott wave, harmonic patterns, Fibonacci trading…etc, you name it. We have good news for you, don’t waste your time on this stuff and technical scams, unless you found someone who proves that he became a billionaire applying it. The blind leading the blinds!
  • We are not another website with millions of option chains and data points like many options and stock screeners out there. There are professional software packages provided by brokers that let you look at data from different points of view and perform all kinds of analytics, free of charge.
  • Most services out there we would describe as “you can’t see the forest for the trees”, in other words, causing analysis paralysis with thousands of trades for thousands of strategies.
  • We are not advertising and offering you a get rich quick scheme. You can find millions of YouTube videos about how people became millionaires within a blink of an eye with their new golden crossover strategy.
  • We are not selling you another technical indicator or software package that will let you evolve “miraculously” and “at ease” into the new “Omaha of your Home Town”.
  • We are not sharing an investment and trading system that exchanges your precious time for screen hours.

What we are about:

  • Putting our money where our mouth is! Open books for all trades and account balances.
  • Providing quality, not the quantity of data, that ensures tradable actions at a high probability of success.
  • Sharing our tools and trading system. Our approach is totally different from all providers out there – combining fundamental valuation and technical analyses. Spending money on rudimentary data and redundant scans and screeners is not advisable. Good broker software is usually better at that. The tools on our website have been developed by us and for us, and go beyond what any broker and commercial software packages offer you.

Our service caters to three different approaches depending on your taste:

  • Buy-and-hold investment strategy – buying great dividend and growth companies at discounted valuations – Warren Buffett’style investment.
  • Options swing trading strategy around high-quality stocks, indices, and ETFs.
  • Combination of options swing trading + buy-and-hold to boost portfolio performance.

We have a day job like you do. Our target is to spend as little time as possible each day to outperform the S&P 500 while being committed to our day job and gradually reaching financial independence.




The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.

I've said before that an amateur who devotes a small amount of time & study should outperform 95% of the paid experts who manage mutual funds, plus have fun doing it.

SlashTraders' Philosophy

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