Bear Call Credit Spread Screener

By comparing recent price trends with historical data, our unique algorithms look for overextended stocks that have a high chance of downward correction. So you can find high probability bearish trends to profit from short Call Vertical Spreads.

Last updated: 2023-12-05 7:53 pm

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How to Use the Bear Credit Call Spread Screener

Bear Call Spread screener helps you find high probability bearish trends in the near future to profit from selling Call Spreads. Here are the tips to get the most out of the bearish Credit Spread screener:

  • Upside represents the difference between Fair Value and Last. The lower the Upside means a higher probability for the stock price to go down.
  • Spread Details indicate the settings to sell an ATM Call Spread, with the estimated Credit received and Return on Capital for the trade.
  • Short Signal Price shows the topped out price from our technical analysis. So we know the stock price will not rise beyond this price in the short term.
  • Short Days indicate the number of trading days has passed since the last short signal. As soon as the short signal appears, there is a high probability of a bearish move.
  • Type lets us separate EQUITY from ETF.
  • Ex-Dividend Date is the date when dividends are paid out. There is a high probability of a bullish trend before the Ex-Dividend Date, and ITM options are more likely to be assigned.
  • Expiration indicates the expiry date of the next monthly options contracts.

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