Bullish Value Stocks

Our proprietary chart analysis algorithms simplify the investment process in the US stock market. Combine chart analysis with Fair Values of 1,000 blue-chip stocks to find underlying fundamentally undervalued with a recently triggered technical long signal. So you can find the best value stocks to buy and hold for a profitable value investment strategy.

Last updated: 2024-07-20 8:36 pm

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How to Read the Bullish Value Stocks

We use fundamental analysis and technical analysis to find the best value invesment opportunities:

  • Upside uses fundamental analysis to find the difference between Fair Value and Last. The higher the Upside means the higher probability of the stock price going up.
  • Dividend Yield helps us find opportunities with high dividend returns.
  • Long Signal Days signal is based on chart analysis to show the long term price trend of the underlying. It comes with the number of days since the last bottomed out signal. As soon as the long signal appears, there is a high probability of a bullish move.
  • Weekly MA and Monthly MA are weekly and monthly moving average prices that help us project the future outlook as the stock prices revert to the moving averages..
  • We can use Sector, Industry and Country to diversify our trades and reduce risk.
  • Years of Dividend Growth show the number of consecutive years the stock has paid out increasing dividends.

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