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Real-time transparency into SlashTraders' investment account here and mobile Telegram app via API, so you can track the profit and loss of every trade we executed, and gain a deeper understanding of our trading system.

Last updated: 2024-04-13 2:39 am

Options Performance This Year

Options Ledger

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Equity Ledger

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How to Read the Options Ledger

Trading statistics show the profit and loss of all the past trades:

  • Trades Opened records all the options trades we opened and the number of Trades Closed.
  • Average Trades/Month is the average number of trades we entered each month.
  • Wins and Losses help us calculate the Win Rate of our total trades.
  • Average Trade Duration is the average number of days our options trades were open.
  • For every winning trade, we calculate the Average Win and Average ROC/Win.
  • For every losing trade, we calculate the Average Loss and Average ROC/Loss.
  • Average Profit/Trade records the average profit and loss per trade.
  • Total Fees records all the commissions and trading fees incurred.
  • Total Realized Profit calculates all the profits we accumulated.

Options ledger records all our past trades:

  • Every trade was entered on Open Date on the Symbol using Strategy at Strikes with the Expiration date. The trade received Open Debit/Credit income using Buying Power.
  • Max ROC is the maximum potential return for each trade.
  • Every trade exited on the Close Date, where Trade Duration is the number of days the trade was active. Close Debit/Credit shows the cost of closing the trade, while Fees show the commissions paid to the platform.
  • Profit/Loss records the profit and loss of each closed trade with the actual Realized ROC.
  • When rolling an options trade, it is first recorded as a loss before opening a new trade.
  • We treat all options being part of an opening trade as one unit until they are all closed, assigned or expired. If one leg of an options trade was assigned and the other leg expired worthless, we would treat the options trade as closed with the maximum profit realized since the entire credit stayed in our account.

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