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Must Buy Telecom Stocks

Do you find telecommunication stocks intriguing?

A great telecom company builds the communications infrastructure to acquire a huge number of users with ease. They are blue-chip stocks that make stable and consistent revenue.

We share the methods we use to pick great telecom stocks so you can invest in value stocks for the long term.

Why Invest in Telecom Stocks?

Telecommunication companies provide the technologies that help us connect with the world, including phone, broadband and video services.

Signs of a great telecom company include a large number of paying subscribers, leading to steady, long-term cash flow, and they are usually keen to share the wealth with investors as dividends.

Buying and holding telecom stocks is relatively low-risk and an investment to innovation.

How Do We Pick Telecom Stocks to Invest In

We review company financial statements for a thorough fundamental analysis to find the Fair Value of each telecom stock. Only when the Fair Value exceeds the current stock price can be considered a value investment.

We also use technical analysis to find the latest bullish signals to find stocks ready to trend upwards.

The Bullish Value Stock list contains stocks that fit both the fundamental and technical analyses. We can choose the Telecommunication Services from the Industry dropdown menu to find the best telecom stocks to buy right now.

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Best Telecom Stocks to Buy

We can sort the value telecom stock list by Upside to find opportunities with the most healthy margin of safety, that have the highest bullish potential.

StocksDescriptionLastFair valueUpsideDividend yieldLong signal days
TDSTelephone and Data Systems Inc$12.29$21.0771.44%5.90%79
VODVodafone Group PLC$11.32$14.9031.63%8.43%16
TUTELUS Corp$21.32$23.8812.01%4.93%16

Why Did We Pick TDS?

Telephone & Data Systems provide wired, broadband, video and voice services. It is headquartered in Chicago and has around 8,800 employees.

The TDS stock has around 71% of Upside and a 5.90% dividend yield. The technical analysis shows us TDS had a bullish signal 79 days ago.

Why Did We Pick VOD?

Vodafone Group provides mobile, broadband, video and voice services, including a variety of IoT services in Europe and around the world. It is headquartered in Newbury and has around 100,000 employees worldwide.

The VOD stock has around 32% of Upside and an 8.43% dividend yield. The technical analysis shows us VOD's latest bullish signal happened 16 days ago.

Why Did We Pick TU?

TELUS Corp provides wired and wireless broadband, video and voice services. It is headquartered in Vancouver and has around 90,000 employees.

The TU stock has around 12% Upside and a 4.93% dividend yield. The technical analysis shows TU's latest bullish signal happened 16 days ago.

Now you know how to find the best telecom stocks, you can use the Bullish Value Stocks to find value investing opportunities.

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