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What Is Time in Force? The Difference Between Day and GTC Order

When we issue an order to trade stocks, we need another trader to accept our order to complete the trade. Do you ever have the experience of waiting for a long time after issuing a trade and it still doesn't get filled? Then you miss the desired market price.

We talk about what Time In Force is and how to issue orders without wasting too much time waiting. So you spend less time in front of the screen waiting for the orders to complete.

What Is TIF?

TIF, which means Time in Force, is the amount of time your trade order remains in effect. It is the amount of time you are willing to wait for other traders to accept your offer for stocks and options.

Common forms of TIF include:

  • Day order.
  • GTC.

What Is Day Order?

Day order is the type of trade order that is only valid until the market closes on the same day. The order is filled if other traders accept the bids before the end of the trading day.

When you issue a Day order, you can wait until the following day before checking to see if the order is filled.

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What Is GTC Order?

GTC, which means Good Till Cancelled, is when the trade order remains valid until you cancel it. Once you issue a GTC order, as long as no other trader fills it, you can wait for the market to move towards your desired prices.

As long as you are confident about your market expectations, you can reduce the time you track the markets and be more flexible with your trading strategies.

SlashTraders focus on medium to long-term trading strategies, so we care less about short-term price movements. So we prefer GTC orders to reduce the frequency when we look at the markets and lessen the stress of trading.

Now you know which TIF orders fit your preferred strategies, you can join the SlashTraders membership to follow our low-stress trading system.

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