(DIS) Disney Stock Price, Trends, and Trade Tips

Why Invest in Disney Stocks?

Disney reminds us of unique theme parks loaded with famous cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy from the past, to the more recent Elsa and Anna from the Frozen franchise, and Woody and Buzz Lightyear from Pixar's Toy Story. Disney is full of priceless characters and is a leader in merchandising cartoon copyrights.

Disney is a conglomerate diversified in mass media and content creation. By Michael Gray

The century-old Walt Disney Company has accumulated a huge porfolio of mass media, content creation and distribution channels over the years, and has recently diversified into online streaming with Disney+ to compete head on with Netflix.

Disney's market capitalisation consists of the following departments:

  • Media distribution channels such as Disney Channel and American Broadcasting Company
  • Direct to consumer online streaming channels such as Disney+ and ESPN+
  • Disney theme parks, hotels and merchandise
  • Disney Studios

The reputation of Disney allowed DIS to be included in S&P 500 index since 1976.

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