(SNAP) Snap Stock Price, Trends, and Trade Tips

Why Trade Snap Stocks?

Since Snap was incorporated in 2011, their flagship product Snapchat has become one of the leading social media apps in the world. The ephemeral messages have been a big hit among US teenagers since launch, with the platform reaching 265 million daily active users in 2021. Snapchat's popularity led to IG Stories' creation by Instagram to capture the same target market.

Snap has extended its product offerings to other camera-related applications, releasing a big variety of innovative filters and AR technologies to complement the platform.

Around 75% of millennials and young adults in the US use Snapchats to send Snaps to friends. Around 5 billion Snaps are sent every day. Evidently, Snap owns a social media platform as powerful and as competitive as Facebook.

Trade Tips

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Option Greeks for Beginners

We discuss the major option Greeks (delta, gamma, theta and vega) so you have the tools to control risks when trading options.

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